Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Winter Table

We're not very Waldorf-y, but I like the season table as a nice thing to do for the holidays, at least. I'd like to continue it into the other seasons as well, but Bastian keeps tearing it apart. We'll see if he becomes accustomed to it staying intact. Maybe I'll find a place up high to put it for the time being. I also don't know the "correct" way of making a season table, so ours is a farm and I did most of the gluing.

We used cotton balls for snow, gluing some to fishing line for falling snow and connecting a bunch together for a sheet of snow on the roof of the barn.
Aleks constructed a fence out of blocks to keep the farm animals in so they wouldn't a) get away and b) get attacked by predators. He thought the horse would likely be able to bust through the gate, but I assured him that horses pretty well obey fences naturally.
Bastian loves to play with the animals.
The pocket gnomes now have a home.
Aleks made a dyed wool nest for the gnomes to sleep in at night. He's even been tucking them in before bed and waking them up in the morning.Contrary to proper animal husbandry techniques, I'm sure, the animals are all corralled together: horse, pigs, sheep, chickens (both roosters no less), and what we think is a goat.

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