Saturday, December 1, 2007

Counting Down the Last Days of the Year

I wanted to get an advent calendar (though we're strict atheists) to help mark the time down to our winter celebration, but then I didn't want to. I thought for awhile that I might make one (like the ones here or here), but we didn't have time for that with trying to start a business and all the other things we have going on right now. Instead I just decided to try to do something festive every day. So on the first day of December, it was time to put up our holiday tree - we do a holiday tree and speak of it signifying bringing greenery inside during the cold months, culminating in a festival to keep spirits light in the face of the longest days of the year.

Aleks wanted to put the star on from the moment we brought out the box. Our tree is a hand-me-down vintage fake thing that looks a little Charlie Brown-y. Bastian struggles with the top.
And isn't quite sure what to do with the lights.
Aleks almost manages to get the top put on by himself.
Bastian holds it steady.
Then Bastian notices the cabinets unblocked behind him and takes out books.
They put the bottom bits on with some difficulty. Mama has to do most of it and fully secure the ones they did manage.
And finally, we put on the star together.

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Mom2Xan said...

Awwwww - the Charlie Brown tree lives on. I'm all teary. I love that tree. Your boys are too freakin' cute.