Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Super Secret Falls

Papa took us to Cataract Falls, which border Slavic Village as well as what seems to be the most post-industrial wasteland ghetto in Cleveland. He was introduced to the park on a recent field trip for his environmental history class.The falls are really quite lovely. When we first arrived, a train passed by on the tracks directly over the upper river.
The boys take a moment to observe.

I've never actually seen a real sign like this. The train tracks only go two ways, but this still seemed necessary. This is directly above the far side of the falls from the viewing bridge.
Aleks and Bastian had both fallen asleep in the car on the way there, and Aleks was insistent that he collect his Lego catalog he'd left in the car. He tried to sneak off to get it by himself, despite not having the keys and there being a parking lot to cross through. Papa had to chase him.
He came back with some acorns in his pocket.
Which he launched into the falls.
And watched sail away.
Mama and a perplexed Lambchops face.
Papa gazing into the watery depths.
On the way back up the stairs, Aleks wondered about eating these berries. I didn't think that was a good idea. Still can't seem to find out what kind of tree this is...

The falls were moved to make way for the railroad! How crazy it is to think how humans have shaped their world!

The site used to have a mill. Aleks sits brooding about his Lego catalog atop the millstones.

There's a nice wildflower garden down a walkway with some more history and a different view of the falls. There's some really nice art too, including this fence-like structure, clearly done by the same artist who created the garden borders in Coventry, Brinsley Tyrrell (on a side note, finding that name was quite an endeavor, but I found out that the Tree Cozy I always admire is actually called Tree Cozy!!!!!).

Jon, in his usual good humor, thought it great to throw burrs at me. Again.
So of course, Bastian joins in.
Bastian takes care to actually place a burr on my wool coat.
He grasps a burr threateningly.
Papa throws them at all of us, though, landing a few on Bastian's wool sweater and corduroy-enclosed butt.
Then Aleks comes back from having run off and joins in too. le sigh.
Oh they all just think they're so funny!
The evening light is really nice though.
I'm the only one who will take a photo of me, apparently.
I point out to Aleks how the wildflower field spills its water across the pavement down towards the river.
He keeps throwing burrs and ignores me.
He pulls a burr off himself...
And throws it at me.
We discover a fat caterpillar on the way out. We talk about how it will change into a butterfly one day.
I attempt a family portrait and though the light is gorgeous, Aleks looks away, trying to get back to the caterpillar.


Anonymous said...

your post made me laugh. It seems just like Jon to throw burrs. We used to play at the park in Archbold with the tornado slide and the one by the pool and he would stick locust shells all over his shirt and ours.

I too, am the only person who takes pictures of me. :( So sad.

Nadine, I couldn't log in for some reason.

Linda said...

Nice family portrait! Although isn't it funny that there's always *someone* looking away? (In our family if it isn't one of the kids, it's me...)

We're a mama and papa too by the way.