Thursday, November 8, 2007

Art Day

The kids had an explosive amount of creating today. First it was playdoh. They have only two colors now: brown/purple and yellow. It doesn't really matter though. The child-sized table is really being used constantly, by the glad I got a decent, real wood one.

Here is Aleks' monster. It looks a little bit like his drawings, but his skills with writing utensils seem to outpace his sculptural skills by far.
Bastian made a witch. Here he is showing it off.
Aleks helped secure the hat. It was mostly a lump of yellow clay with a lump of brown clay on top. Great textural play, however.
Then, as the witch and monster sat on display on the window sill, we got out glue and paints and all kinds of fun crafty stuff, including a bunch of cotton balls made no longer sterile by Bastian's having raided the bathroom cupboard the night before. Incidentally, later in the day the playdoh ended up torn apart on the floor as well, part of the infinitely destructive powers of the two-year-old.

Bastian paints on paper.And likes the color orange!
Aleks works intently as I insist he fill in all the cardboard exposed areas to give his second piece a more cohesive look than the first (a random assortment of string, plastic stars, and cotton balls glued on chopped-up pizza box).

Bastian moves on to purple. He was very insistent about claiming the colors and denying Aleks' use.
Almost done, getting all the nooks and crannies.
When dry, this piece was sent to Aunt Natty for her 21st birthday, along with a copy of my book and a Ramones t-shirt.
Bastian finishes his blocks of color off with all the remaining plastic stars.

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