Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rainy Day at the Nature Center

Finally, autumn comes with an appropriately miserable, cold, and rainy day. We take a trip to the Huntington Nature Center with some friends. The boys spend a lot of time peering into a tidal pool.Aleks and his friend, Jonas, spend time trying to say anemone. They do a fine job.
Bastian regrets his short stature because it's hard for him to see over the edge. The grown-ups have to take turns giving him a boost.There are lots of starfish in the tank.
Including this chocolate chip starfish, presumably named for the chocolate-chip like nubbins protruding from its skin.
Bastian is particularly taken by this yellow fish, a Yellow Clown Goby.
In addition to the chocolate chip starfish, there was this strawberry starfish perched nearby the anemone.
The boys were also quite fond of this box turtle display.
Aleks managed to reach a big grown-up turtle. Bastian kept trying to climb in with them.
We explored space a bit, reveling in the weird way we all looked under the black light.
I was incredibly fascinated by a giant picture of the Orion Nebula, but the boys wanted to just climb around in a huge hollowed log and chase each other around in circles. The boys watched a timber rattlesnake.
Aleks tried to speak in Parseltongue to it, which it really responded to, moving towards him as he hissed.

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