Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday at the Farm

Bastian and Grandma Cat venture to the field, filled with fall goldenrod.
They check for snakes under the deer feeder, but none were found. Grandma thought perhaps they were hibernating already.Bastian goes in to the goldenrod. Can you see him in there?
Grandma goes in after him, rescuing him from poison ivy!
Aleks, geared up for his canoe trip later in the afternoon.
We spy some bugs in the grass. A grasshopper:
And a dragonfly (in the foreground, blurry). Grandma Cat collects Bastian who'd run after Bootsie the dog far into the field.
Aleks (vaguely) points towards the pumpkins he and Grandpa Jim found in the garden. They were planted especially for Aleks to carve at Halloween.
The day previously, they'd counted 7, but Grandpa found this one camouflaged by being all green. Aleks noticed that there was a chunk missing (yellow spot on the right), deducing that something had taken a bite out of it.
Here's a nice big orange one, which we took home.
And another still partially green.
And several others in varying stages of turning orange.
Aleks had a nice little lineup of veggies he'd picked. He has an absolute knack for spotting red tomatoes and ripe cucumbers.

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