Monday, September 10, 2007

Natural History Museum Monday

We finally made it to the Natural History Museum, after 2 weeks of trying, to get a family membership.

First, we had to climb the stegosaurus, though.

Aleks liked the rainforest display, particularly fascinated by the shrunken head and the many varieties of beetles.
Bastian stared at the lion family for at least ten minutes. Very big kitty cats.
Aunt Natty was visiting, freshly back from a summer in Russia. Here we are under the polar bear, whose species may be entirely dead in the wild in something like 15 years.
We got extraordinarily close to a deer.
And climbed some more stuff.
Then they laid down on the floor of the elevator.
Then climbed the stegosaurus on the way out again.
Papa walked over from school and we all went home for dinner.
Though Bastian thought maybe he'd get a ride.

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becks said...

aw, el has that skull shirt too! your boys are cuties!