Monday, September 3, 2007

Goin' to a Partay

Bastian decorated the birthday present:
Off we go!
Aleks is disinclined to be photographed.
Mama is fabulous and willing, however.
Papa is indifferent.

Bastian's favorite things in the whole world, dogs, are at this party. Papa's favorite type of dog, in fact. Papa desires all day to call "Star" the chihuahua, "Beatrice," after his own chihuahua, who Mama did not get on well with.
Aleks tries to catch bugs.
The wrong type of bug.
Aleks sustains a bee sting to his left-hand thumb and his right-hand pointer finger. With some homeopathic bug bite remedy under the tongue and baking soda with lime juice and ice packs applied to the stings, he feels better after a bit. Papa got stung on the arm trying to defend his son and got a bit light-headed. His animal allergies improved for awhile though.

After triage, it was time for cake.
And singing the Birthday song!
And tears! yay!But it was all made better with picture-taking.

Bastian escapes mid-diaper-change and climbs a car.
and refuses to be caught to be got down.

We go for an evening walk to a dilapidated park with shredded tire for mulch. Jon sits sullenly on a sad bouncy seat.

Aleks is highest of all!

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