Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sound Memory Game

Following instructions found at Z Recommends, we created a small version of the Sound Memory Game. It's like your basic Memory Game:

We have about a thousand of these restaurant cups with lids, which seemed easier than paper cups and cutting out paper lids, and besides, it's re-use, diy style:

We found different objects to make different sounds and placed them in the cups. We used pennies, popcorn, salt, and acorns.

We got out our stickers to signify matches:

Then we had a necessary intermission of fighting with Lego guys:

Then we sealed them all up, placing tape over the straw holes.

Then Aleks shook 'em! He listened carefully to find the sound matches.

Then the game naturally devolved into taking turns throwing the cups around, knocking them over, throwing them across the room, chasing each other, and all the wild fun that can be expected at our house.

Witness child zooming past:

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earthcore said...

I love that sound game. Must try it with my own kiddo!